Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Charlotte's First Day of School

OK Charlotte was supposed start school last Wednesday, but she had a fever and couldn't go until Friday. On Friday I forgot to do the interview (oops), so we did it yesterday.

In her interview she talks about having music in my office. I have a desk in one end of a large classroom and that is where they have a little movement class everyday. She thinks it is very funny that she is in my office. There are 10 kids in her class - not six. Parents do help in the class most days. She is very excited that next week her Mommy and Daddy are going to help



Shelly said...

That is so adorable (the video). Is this something you just started or have you been doing this since Rehm started preschool?

She is too cute!!

Sherri said...

How cute. I never think to do things like that. I am glad she is liking school.