Monday, May 05, 2008

Independent Study

Rehm presenting his project

Since the beginning of February Rehm has been working on an independent study project for a class at school. They were studying an endangered animal. They each had a different type of sea turtle. Rehm picked the loggerhead because it is the one that comes to the North Carolina beach. The students made banks and posters asking their fellow students to donate money so they could adopt a sea turtle. They even got to read an announcement over the loud speaker. They raised enough money to adopt six sea turtles! Rehm's turtle is named Elvis and you can see where he is here.

In addition to doing their project boards, the kids also made tie-dyed t-shirts to look like their turtle, paper mache turtles, acrostics, and huge poster telling others what they can do to help the sea turtle.

Monday was the day of the big presentation. Rehm had to prepare and deliver a 10-20 minute talk about the Loggerhead. He had approximately 50 different facts he wanted to share. He also had trivia game to play with his class. His entire class came to the presentation as well as some parents and grandparents.

He did a great job and has definitely learned a lot of interesting information about the sea turtle.

Rehm's project board

Rehm wanted to play a game show with the facts he presented. He came up with the questions and I helped him make the board. Under the point amounts are the actual questions.

This is the turtle quilt that Rehm and Cici made for his project. Rehm drew the turtles, Cici cut them out of fabric and Rehm placed them on the quilt. Rehm also helped choose all the fabric and thread colors. Rehm named the quilt "Turtle Current."
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Cici said...

Rehm, I LOVE your board and all it's facts and pictures!!

I see that you got your button sewn on...way to go!!

You look like you have gotten 2 inches taller since I saw you, but I am sure I can still reach the top of your head!!

I love you and am very proud of you. Papa is taking a nap, but I will show him all your good work tomorrow.
Love you

Sherri said...

Wow! That is quite a presentation. You will have to teach us all about the loggerhead when we go to the beach. What a special quilt you and CiCi made.

Shelly said...

What a wonderful quilt project. So beautiful and special that Rehm made it along with his Cici.

Great project!!