Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh Boy - I'm in Trouble!

Rehm is home from school because he is sick. The girls are finished with preschool until the fall. I'm exhausted and frazzled and out of activities and it is only 1:30pm! I have prepared 14 plates of food so far today. We have played outside. We have had school time. We have watched two TV shows. We have played with toys. We have cleaned up said toys. We have had breakfast, snack, and lunch. Right now the twins are napping and Rehm and Charlotte are having quiet time.

They are not happy about quiet time but Mommy needs to be sane and they can entertain themselves for at least on hour of the day quietly in their rooms. It isn't too much to ask. And what in the world would I do with them otherwise?

I still need to fold laundry and start a new load, make dinner, find them something for snack, clean up toys again and somewhere in all of this do a couple hours of "real" work, all while keep said children entertained, out of trouble and not glued to the TV! Is that even possible? I just don't know.

This glimpse of my summer is scaring me. Unfortunately I get another preview day tomorrow as Rehm is still running a fever on and off. I guess I really will have to take him to the doctor after all.

I will remain sane, I will remain sane. Summer won't beat me!

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