Sunday, May 11, 2008


That would be the sound of Ruby climbing out of her crib and landing on her head. I was reading Charlotte a story and Rehm was in his room. I could hear the little girls talking. All of the sudden I heard THUNK and thought "what did Rehm drop?" Then I heard screaming and knew it wasn't Rehm making noise, it was Ruby.

I ran in the girl's room to find Ruby standing in the middle of the floor crying and Eliza Claire standing up in her bed saying, "Uh oh, uh oh!" I asked Ruby what hurt and she patted the top of her head and said "head." I proceeded to do the my modified version of the concussion test for a one year old. I looked at her eyes, they looked fine. I asked what her name was, she didn't know. I asked her where Ruby was and she pointed to herself. I asked her were Eliza was, she said "Liza" and pointed to her. I asked her where Daddy was and she said "outside" - he was so at that point I knew she was fine. Then I had her walk across the room to see if she was dizzy or not, she was fine.

At that point I gave her a stern lecture about not climbing out of her bed and put her back in it. I told both girls goodnight and didn't hear anymore loud THUNKS. I wonder how long the lecture will last.

I'm not ready to have Ruby on the loose and I don't want to hear that noise again, ever...

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Cici said...

Why am I not surprised that Ruby was the first to do this trick? Tell her I love her "ponies".

They look more alike in some of the recent photos. Very cute sitting in the doll crib!