Sunday, May 04, 2008

It is official

I'm OLD!

Rehm and Charlotte were invited to a skating party today for our dear friend Lael's 7th birthday. I got the pleasure of being the parent to go with them.

I put on roller skates for the first time in 10-15 years. Wow! I ache from head to toe. I swear I'll be popping motrin for at least a week. And, I didn't even fall down! This is just from skating and trying to keep Rehm and Charlotte upright. At least some of the skating came back to me, but not all of it. Charlotte fell probably 30 times. She isn't complaining!

Both kids made huge progress and while they aren't zipping around the rink yet they are both able to move without holding on to the rail or someone.

For the next skating party I'm sending Michael!


Shelly said...

You're BRAVE! I have steadfastly avoided putting on skates when I take the girls to roller skating parties. I"ve watched them tumble and fall from the comfortable sidelines. LOL

Hope you feel better tomorrow! I know you probably ache again today.

Meredith said...

So glad you all came to Lael's party. Sorry about your soreness... I am having the same this week. Especially my arms from trying to hold the kids steady!

Lori said...

February was the first time I had skates on in about 5 years and I can tell you my shoulders ached for a week from holding up JJ. I can only image what holding up 2 would feel like.