Friday, April 29, 2011

No one is lacking in imagination at our house

Monday morning Ruby and Eliza Claire were playing a pretend game. They asked me if I would be the grandmother in their game.

They were sisters whose parents had died so they lived with their grandmother. Ruby was named Sara and was 16 and had a boyfriend. Eliza Claire was named Clarabell and was one. Their roles in the game came as no surprise to me as it perfectly personifies their personalities and ambitions.

I asked Ruby, I mean Sara, what happened to their patents. She started with, "well, there was a burn ban..." After suppressing my laughter, I learned the the family had gone camping. Their parents had built a fire despite the burn ban and it got out of hand and they died. She and Clarabell were in the "camping car" so they were safe. Her boyfriend was with them. Since he knew how to drive he brought them home.

Please tell me my kids are not the only ones who repeatedly play pretend games where their parents are dead because this is a very common occurrence at out house.

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