Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What happens when Mom takes a nap

I fell asleep sitting on the couch after the bigs got home from school. I heard someone put something in the microwave and assumed they had decided to have popcorn for snack. A few minutes later I smelled burning popcorn. I rushed to the microwave to get it out and found this.

This used to be two turkey hotdogs. Someone decided to cook them for snack. Said child set the microwave for TEN minutes. I'm not sure how long they actually cooked. Needless to say we have several windows open and our house stinks. The child in question has been reminded that they are only allowed to cook with adult supervision. I'm just glad nothing worse happened.

Sad thing is I'm still sleepy and now a nap is out of the question.

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Keri said...

Sorry, but from the photos it looks like cat poo. You reminded me of the story when my teenage brother was babysitting me and my cousins and found a dead rat in a trap outside. He put it in the microwave just to gross us out and it blew up. We were sworn to secrecy on that one for years. My mom could not figure out why none of us would eat anything microwaved. LOL