Monday, April 04, 2011

Play Imitating Life

The three girls are playing with Playmobil. So far I've heard:

These were just so funny I cracked up:

Ruby (playing the part of the mom): Do you like my new outfit? It came free with the frying pan I bought yesterday.

Ruby: I'll feed the baby milk from my breast. I can't get to my breast so I'll need milk out of the fridge.

These just show how much the kids pick up about the adults in their lives:
Charlotte (playing the part of the dad): I'll make pancakes for breakfast and load the dishwasher. Oh, and I'll have coffee for breakfast instead of milk. (Yes, their dad almost always makes their breakfast and empties the dishwasher and usually drinks coffee in the morning).

Charlotte: Today is my birthday - I'm turning 40.

Ruby(still as the mom): I'll walk or maybe run to the show. I went to the Y and practiced this morning.

I promise you Ruby has never, ever heard me say anything about drinking milk.  I don't drink any kind of milk, ever. Well, unless you count half and half in my coffee.

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