Monday, July 25, 2011

Camp Papa and Cici: Installment 1

Rehm left Saturday for Camp Papa and Cici.  The experience started off with him getting to fly to NC by himself.  He was so excited. 

It has been so much fun to talk to him and my parents and hear about his experience.  He's been there a total of 48 hours and I think eaten out six times so far.  He has already hit all of his NC favorites (including Bo Jangles, Olympic, and El Maguey). I had bets on him already going to Krispy Kreme and the video store for ice cream but they haven't done either of those yet.

Saturday he got to fly solo.  Sunday he got to go to the movies.  Today he has spend the entire day shopping with Cici.

I've already warned them that he has to be able to get all of his new stuff home with him.  I had to laugh when he called to ask if it was OK for him to get a sport coat.  He then told me it was $2, apparently they found a really good sale.  Yeah, I was just fine with that.

I called this afternoon and talked to my Dad.  He started a story with, "I know you are going to hear about this so I'd better go ahead and tell you."  Of course, I could not imagine what had happened that would be prefaced in such a way.  He went on to tell me that they were unpacking a bird feeder that Cici gave Papa for Christmas.  This is a very special bird feeder in that you can shock those pesky squirrels that always try to eat all the bird seed.  It doesn't injure the squirrels, just gives them enough of a shock to make them think twice about eating bird seed.

My engineering brained son asked how the bird feeder worked.  Papa explained how the squirrel has to be touching multiple points on the feeder.  Rehm placed both hands on.  Then Papa said you would press the button on the remote.  Rehm said, "Do it!"  So Papa did.  Yep it shocks a boy enough to make him not want birdseed, either.  I thought this was the funniest thing ever.  Actually, is still makes me laugh every time I think about it.  Does that make me a bad mother?

My Dad went on to tell me that after the bird feeder incident Rehm was telling them that he had tried putting the charger end that plugs into his DS in his mouth while it was plugged into an outlet.  Apparently he did this five or six times and it made his tongue tingle which he thought was pretty neat.  Gives me flashbacks to 9-volt batteries... He decided maybe it wasn't a good idea when he started getting a headache from doing this.  I wonder how many brain cells he fried in this little experiment.  And I wonder why I am just now hearing about it.

Rehm is having a blast.  I think he is enjoying being the only Maniac and getting to do such big kid stuff.  I'm not sure though if he is having more fun or my parents.  They really seem to be enjoying having him there.

Tomorrow he and Papa are playing golf.

I'm going to have one spoiled boy when he gets home.

PS.  Cici, send me some pictures please.

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