Friday, July 29, 2011

Camp Papa and Cici: Installment 2

Let's see. I haven't talked to the boy too much. When I have, he has been distracted and not very informative.

Tuesday he played golf with Papa. That night he had a sleepover at Aunt Sherri's with Zander.

Wednesday he went swimming with Aunt Sherri and Zander.

Thursday he went to Old Salem with Papa and Cici. I think they had the gunsmith look at a Civil War era gun, but I'm not sure of the details. I know they did a tour and had sugar cake from the bakery.

Friday was a lazy day.  They stayed home and according to Cici, "Rehm probably had too much screen time." He got to have ice cream and only ice cream for lunch. He thought that was awesome. I don't know if they went to video store for ice cream or somewhere else.  Tonight was obviously dinner out from the picture below that my Aunt Tracy sent me. After dinner they (not sure who all this includes) were all going on a Ghost Tour.

Yeah, I'd say he's having a good time.

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Phyllis said...

My highlight of the ghost tour was at one of our early stops when the guide was trying yo figure out how to phrase "ladies of the evening" as we had kids in the group. She ended up calling them "ladies of ill repute".

Rehm immediately piped in with "I read...", at which point the guide butted in (thankfully) with "no comments from the peanut gallery", laughed and changed the subject! Guess we will never know what he was going to say. That's my Rehm!

Phyllis said...

By the way, the huge dessert in front of Rehm is a brownie sundae. I never thought he would be able to eat the whole thing. He did!

Guess the ice cream lunch did not fill him up.