Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Story of a Tooth

Charlotte's top front teeth have been wiggly for six months. But not wiggly enough to pull.

Sunday our friends gave us cupcakes decorated like pies. They were adorable they had M&M "fruit" and then frosting to make the crust. The cupcakes had been refrigerated to keep the frosting from melting on the drive home.

Charlotte bit into hers and immediately exclaimed, "Ouch, my tooth!". Apparently the M&Ms on the cupcake had gotten pretty hard due to the refrigeration. Charlotte's gum was bleeding and her tooth was much loser, but still not pullable.

Yesterday I noticed her gum was really bruised I honestly thought she was being over dramatic about the M&M incident. I was wrong.

Today we went for an ortho consult. She needs a palette extender but not quite yet. She needs to lose her top front teeth and her six year old molars need to finish coming in. She will be eight in two months and her six year old molars are still not all the way in. We are very late with teeth related milestones around here.

While there the ortho asked her to wiggle her tooth. Then he asked her to push until it hurt she was still clueless as to what he was up to. Finally he took matters in his own hands and pulled her lose tooth. She now thinks he is the greatest. She will happily go back to see him again.

And that my friends is how Charlotte looses teeth.

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Phyllis said...

Way to go, Charlotte!