Thursday, January 31, 2008

Grocery Shopping

Today I had the pleasure of taking all three girls grocery shopping with me. I really didn't want to go to the grocery store but we were out of all the basics. I could not physically feed them one more meal without grocery shopping.

I was hoping when we got to the store they would have one of the red carts that holds two and still has the spot in the basket for the third. Charlotte isn't feeling well today and I knew if she had to walk for the entire shopping trip I wouldn't get much done before I had to call it quits.

We were in luck they had 2 red carts left! I put the three girls in and all three cracked up. They thought it was quite funny to be sitting that close together and see each other. The laughing lasted for a good five minutes. It was adorable! I love it when they actually enjoy each other.

Of course since I had to go to the store that meant we had a lot of items to purchase and grocery shopping took a little over an hour. That is a long time to entertain three girls in a shopping cart. Ruby kept trying to pick up the eggs and smash the chips. Eliza was happy as long as she had a snack (we went through a package of nabs, a piece of fruit leather, some sample cake something or other, and a snack trap full of apple jacks).

By the end of the trip Charlotte was in tears and had lost "buddy buck" privileges for not being a good listener and for bothering her sister. She has this really annoying habit of messing with Ruby. She just won't leave her alone. Sometimes it is touching her head or holding her arm, today it was pulling up her pant leg and shaking her leg. Ruby did not like it but of course couldn't get away from her.

Ruby's solution? She bit Charlotte's finger hard enough to leave a mark but not break the skin. Sad thing is Charlotte didn't get much sympathy from Mommy. And I had a really hard time telling Ruby that "we don't bite." If I had been Ruby, I would have bitten her too!

Poor Charlotte...

The funny thing is grocery shopping took so long I had to pick up lunch on the way home. But at least I can now make dinner!

Oh Happy Day...

I still need to write about our trip to Silver Belle Ranch, the Pine Wood Derby and Rehm's new career as an author...Hopefully I'll get caught up this weekend.


Cici said...

I knew Ruby was going to soon figure out how to handle "Sweet Pea"!

Tell Charlotte that I hope she feels better soon.

Sherri said...

What are buddy bucks?

Jenn said...

Ah, buddy bucks. They are fake dollars HEB gives the kids. The kid can then put it in a crane style game and they get a ball with a sticker inside. The sticker has a number on it. It is worth than number of points. You save the points to buy HEB branded stuff (like beach balls and t-shirts)