Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm not sure what this says about my life...

Today as I was working on the grocery list and weekly meal plan, which I do in a spreadsheet so I can sort it according to the order things are located in my store, I thought "I need to put the meal plan on the calendar. Then I don't have to remember what I came up with it would be quicker to find as I check it anyway." So I click on my google calendar, start to add this week's dinner, and realize I don't want what's for dinner to get lost in all of our appointments - it needs to be easy to see.

My solution, I make it its own calendar. Yep, in google calendars I have six calendars on my normal view. They are Michael, Jennifer, Rehm, Charlotte, Ruby and Eliza (they share a calendar as most of their schedule is the same), and What's for Dinner?. That way everyone (or thing in the case of dinner) has their own color so it is easy to pick out what you are looking for. Michael wanted to know if I would be inviting What's for Dinner? to appointments and meetings.

So what does this say about my life? I have too many kids? We have too many commitments? I desperately crave organization? I'm anal? I'm a control freak? I like pretty colors? I have too much time on my hands? I'm not sure, but if you figure it out let me know. OK, on second thought, don't - I'm not sure I really want to know :)

I know you are thinking that it isn't so much the calendar that says something about me but the grocery list spread sheet, weekly meal plan and calendar altogether that really scares you just a little bit . Yes, I know, I know, apparently I like to have a small sense of control in my crazy life.

Happy Day,

PS. I really like google calendars and highly recommend them. They have been great for our family. I have access to all of our appointments any time I have internet access - I can see it from home and work and so can Michael. No longer do either of us have the excuse of not having seen something on the calendar. It really has been great since we made the change. Now if I could just access it when I was on the go...But that would require me to have a data plan on my phone and that would require $$$. Oh well. It is still better than my calendar just being available in my kitchen.


Brenna and Molly said...

We use the MS Outlook calendar (because hubby does have a Blackberry so he can sync them)and the color coding thing is wonderful. What I like best about these electronic ones is that you can so easily make an appt. reoccur. I hated writing "Dance class" 160+ times (2 kids x 2 classes each x 40 weeks . . .) I like your idea of putting dinner plans on there!

Karen said...

I like your dinner calendar idea as well. :)

Cathi_in_TX said...

I do wonder what we did before the electronic age. I was getting out of the car today and had my Palm, my cellphone AND my Garmen Nuvi in my hand and had to laugh! I need all three in one. I'm sure there will be one soon if not already!

Sherri said...

Well, I must be out of the loop because I don't even know what that last one is! I love Google too. When I wanted to know UNC basketball schedule, I just looked it up and added it to my calendar and I didn't have to write them! Can I view your dinner menu and just add it to mine. That would be much easier. Could you send me the grocery list as well?