Wednesday, September 09, 2009

NC Vacation: Mommy went to college, too

Outside the Dean Dome

Inside the Dean Dome - if you enlarge this you will notice that none of the children seem duly impressed with their current location. I guess I can't really blame them since there was nothing going on. To them it was just a big empty building.

In the Pit. We stopped here to have a snack. I have no clue what Rehm and Charlotte were looking for/at.

Eliza Claire and Ruby sitting in the classroom where I took Psyc 101. It was purely accident we took a picture in this class. This just happened to be the closest open building when they needed a potty break. The rest of the family was exploring the arboretum.

The Old Well

There was a brief shower, typical of a Chapel Hill summer afternoon. The kids enjoyed splashing in the puddles by the bell tower and annoying their mother who wanted a good picture of them in front of her favorite UNC landmark.

Living 2 hours away from Michael's alma mater means the kids are very familiar with the fact that Daddy went to college. We manage a trip or two a year to A&M to see some sporting event and walk around the university.

Living 1300 miles away from my alma mater means they are not so familiar with the fact that I went to college or anything about the school. On our trip to NC I decided it was time to change that. We took a day and visited UNC-CH. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We showed the kids the Dean Smith Center, my dorm, the football stadium, the the bell tower (my favorite spot on campus), the Old Well, the math building, the operations research building, the econ building, the pit, the student stores, Franklin Street (including a stop in Ben and Jerry's for some yummy ice cream) and ended our trip with a meal at the Armadillo Grill.

It was a fun day, and hopefully now the children can at least tell you that their mom went to college.


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