Saturday, September 12, 2009


I can smell it, but I can't find it. When I came out of my bedroom this morning I instantly smelled cat pee. The cat has been dead for over a year! No other cats have been in our house. But the unmistakable smell of cat pee is permeating through the house.

I have pin pointed the smell to the family room. I have walked back and forth sniffing and feeling for wet spots and can not find any evidence of where it is coming from.

Of course this is the room where the dogs sleep now that Howdy can't make it upstairs. So I assume that dog pee must smell a lot like cat pee. But. I. Still. Can. Not. Find. It! It is driving me crazy!

It is funny, it almost makes me miss Zach, just a little bit as there would definitely be times he had been peeing somewhere and we could not locate the spot. It drove me just as crazy then as it is now.

OK, off to find the source so I can eliminate it. (Yes, the pun was most certainly intended.)

Edited to add: I found it! Apparently pee on an area rug on top of tile seeps through the rug so that the rug feels dry. I finally moved the furniture and crawled around on my hands and knees until I sniffed it out. Yes, I know, embarrassing, but it had to be done. Now the enzyme cleaner is doing its work. After cleaning some other things I'll come back and run the carpet cleaner over the rug and we should be good to go.

PS. Nature's Miracle is the BEST enzyme cleaner for pet odors. I buy it 1.5 gallons at a time. Well, I used to when I had a really persnickety cat. But, I do always keep it on hand and it works great when cleaning up potty training accidents, too. Most Pet stores carry it.


Cici said...

What happened to the post of school pics that was here earlier today?

Jenn said...

I rescheduled it to next week. It will be back, just later.