Sunday, August 16, 2009

Poor Howdy

Howdy and Tobie are 11.5 years old. They are smooth coat collies and we have had them since they were puppies. They are getting old and it is starting to really show.

Howdy has been having trouble getting upstairs for months and in the last few weeks it has gotten even worse. This week he has gotten to where it stresses him out so much that he wants to go up stairs but has such a hard time that he pees at the bottom of the stairs. And then he barks for ten minutes before finally getting started up the stairs.

Last night for the second time he lost his balance about half way up and started falling back down the steps. We had to help him get the rest of the way up and keep him from falling.

I'm afraid to keep him from barking and peeing and keep trying to come up the stairs someone is going to have to start sleeping downstairs with him. We have a few things we are going to try but I just don't know what to do for him. I just feel so sad for him.

If anyone has any other ideas to keep him happy and downstairs let me know.


Alicia said...

Our old dog got to that point but she decided she would just sleep at the bottom of the stairs once she realized she couldn't make it up there anymore. So I don't have any ideas to help you in your situation....maybe a pee pad at the bottom and if she has a bed move it downstairs?

Doodle - said...

have you thought about arthritis meds??