Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

Rehm on his first day of Kinder

Right before I left his class. He wasn't unsure. He was just going through a goofy smile phase. Oh wait, he's still in that stage...

It is amazing how different sending your second to kindergarten is from sending your first! When Rehm went to kinder we had two month old twins. We were kind of in a fog. No we were in a fog! A sleep deprived, what do you mean we have four kids and the oldest is five, kind of fog.

We knew no one at the school. No staff, no teachers, no parents, no students. No one! We didn't know where anything was. We didn't know how to add money to his lunch account. We weren't sure how a 12 year old was possibly going to teach our child (sorry Mrs. J, you are the best teacher ever but at the time all I knew about you was that you looked 12 and were starting your first year teaching). We were much more bothered by this lack of knowledge than Rehm was. I truly think he was oblivious to it all.

This time around we know many of the teachers and staff. Lots of kids. Lots of parents. We know the way things work at the school. It is just different. And Charlotte knows many of the kids either through Rehm or through the sports she played last year. Add to that the fact that we have the beloved Mrs. J for her teacher and the second time around is much, much, much easier on everyone.

Here they are getting ready to leave this morning:

Love the very serious, indifferent pose of the third grader

Arriving at school and getting settled in we dropped Rehm off first:

Look familiar? Click to enlarge the picture so you can see the expression on her face. It is too funny!

Rehm with his teacher

Getting settled

After school today we decided to let Charlotte have her birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa. It was a new backpack and lunch box. She was so excited and just loved both of them. She immediately wanted to call them to thank them. They were not home so she called Cici to tell her about her first day of school.

I had to laugh when we came home from school I asked Charlotte how her day was. She gave me a complete run down of the whole day in chronological order. When I asked Rehm about his day he told me "it was fine." When I asked him what the best part of the day was he said he didn't know. His father told him that wasn't an answer so then he told me "all of it." I never did get any real information about the day. Later at dinner he did recount a funny story of something that happened in class. Michael pointed out that it would have been appropriate to share that information when I was asking him about his day earlier.

No just look at these pictures together. I'll have to remember to get two other girls to pose for these same shots in two years. Ack, only two years.

Everyone seems to be off to a great start to what I hope is a great school year!


Cathi_in_TX said...

Fun. They look so cute. I'm glad to hear it was a great first day of school.

Wencked said...

Wow, doesn't Charlotte's account of the day vs. Rehm's just sum up the differences between boys and girls. too funny...Thanks for sharing.