Monday, August 03, 2009

Where to Start?

It sure has been a busy month! So much blog worthy stuff has happened and I haven't found the time to write it all down. Additionally my computer is once again out of hard drive space which means I have 300+ pictures on my camera waiting to be downloaded and another 100+ on my phone. OK so if you follow my twitter posts you've seen most of the phone pictures but still the computer is definitely part of the blogging problem.

So what have we been doing in the last month?

Hmm. Lets see. I got the pleasure of taking a girls trip with three fabulous friends. How we know each other is definitely its own post. We had a great time. We spent time in Houston, at Silver Belle Ranch and in San Antonio. It was on this trip that SCUBADuck was hatched. Again, SCUBADuck deserves his very own post at some point, hopefully soon. Again, if you follow me on twitter you are well versed on SCUBADuck.

All six of us went to visit my family in NC. We had a great time. The twins had never flown before and Eliza Claire was not sure about this whole flying business. But after the first 30 minutes on the plane she discovered that Mommy had games for her on the iPhone and she decided this flying business really wasn't that bad. While in NC, we spent lots of time with all of the cousins, with my Granny, visited UNC-Chapel Hill, went exploring in the "forest" where I played as a child, had sleepovers with cousins, and hopefully made many great childhood memories for the kids. Again, the trip deserves its very own post which hopefully will be forthcoming in a timely fashoin.

Since returning from vacation, I've been working lots of extra hours getting ready to kick off all of our great programs at Covenant. The kids are trying to readjust to summer life at home and currently our neice Brooke is here visiting from Houston.

I promise more in depth coverage of the summer will be headed to a computer near you...soon.

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