Wednesday, August 05, 2009

September Moms

I've mentioned a couple of times about my girls trip in July. It was with a three ladies from my September Moms Group. I've know this wonderful group of women for 10.5 years. I met them when I was pregnant for the very first time. We all joined a bulletin board on what was then called ParentSoup. It had expecting communities for each month. ParentSoup has long since been bought by iVillage, who still has very strong expecting communities. Our group has moved forums several times since then and now has our own private board for just the moms that were part of the original group.

I have learned so much from this group of ladies. They are one of my first resources for any parenting question and honestly just any question in general. When we first met, many of us were first time moms but many were also experienced moms.

I've been through so much with these moms. They supported me and loved me when my September baby died. They kept me as part their group and recognized me as the mom I was even when I didn't have a baby at home to post milestones and pictures of. They were my rock. Over the years we have supported each other through divorce, marriage, births of subsequent children, deaths of family members, loss of jobs, moves, graduations, you name it. Somewhere along the line we went from a group of women who had babies in the same month to a really good group of friends. A group of friends that I would be lost without.

Of this group, I've had the pleasure to meet five of the ladies in person over the years. It is so comical when we meet, because an outsider would have no clue this was our first real life encoutner because we start up as if we had just seen each other the day before. I used to refer to these ladies as my online friends but somewhere along the line I realize they are much more than that. They are my friends, really and truly.

I talk to these wonderful women daily. I can tell them anything. I am so glad they are part of my life. And I'm so glad to get to be a September 99 Mom.


Doodle - said...

I remember those moms *heart*

Shelly said...

We love you too.

Jolene said...

Okay... I am way too prego-hormonal today. I am sitting here crying! Thanks a lot! LOL

Thank you for putting into words what I have felt for years!

Brenna and Molly said...
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Brenna and Molly said...

Amen sister!! What on earth would we do without each other? (except spend A LOT less time online!) What a ride it has been . . . Here's to another 10 years!!