Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Digs

Eliza Claire has new digs. We inherited the bunk beds from a friend. Rehm was given first choice on them but turned them down. While he liked the idea of having more floor space in his room (he has a queen bed and the smallest bedroom) he was not willing to give up his big bed. So Eliza Claire got the bunk beds. When we have guests, Rehm will bunk on the top bunk.

Eliza Claire loves her new bed and all of its cubbies, drawers and shelves. She especially likes the map we hung from the bottom of the top bunk to give her something to look at while lying in bed.

Currently we are storing the ladder in our closet to keep curious kids off the top bunk when it is not needed. We have bets on how long it takes Ruby to figure out a way up with out the ladder.


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