Friday, August 21, 2009

Best Friend?

Last week Charlotte and I attended Kindergarten Orientation. As part of the program all the kindergartens were invited to leave the cafeteria and watch a movie about the school in the library. When Charlotte came back to the cafeteria she skipped up to me and told me she had already made a new friend. She was so happy. I asked her what her friend's name was and she had no clue.

Last night we went to Open House to find out who Charlotte and Rehm's teachers would be. Charlotte is thrilled because she got the teacher she wanted (Rehm's kindergarten teacher). When she walked in her new class, guess who was standing there? Her new friend! They raced across the room and hugged each other. It was adorable. She still had no clue what her name was, though. Later in the evening they saw each other again in the hallway and Michael made them actually introduce themselves.

I think my daughter may have met her elementary school best friend. I guess only time will tell.

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