Saturday, September 19, 2009

That is not my brand!

One morning this week Ruby could not find any big girl pants (underwear) to wear. I was busy doing something, I don't know what. I told her that she had to have BGPS and suggested a couple of places to look for them. Each time she came back and told me she could not find any. I do not know if she was truly out or not. I didn't go look as I was doing something else. And it is completely plausible that she was out as laundry is always a work in progress in our house.

Somehow the idea of borrowing a pair of BGPs from Eliza Claire came up as a solution. At this point I don't remember if I offered this solution or if Eliza Claire did. For all of you that are thinking "yuck!" I'm sorry. I have four kids. I have laundry coming out of my ears. It is more important to me that they leave the house with underwear on, and hopefully clean to boot, than ownership of said underwear. It has only been in the last three months that they had separate rooms and dressers. Before that sharing BGPs was a common occurrence.

Ruby likes Elmo BGPs and Eliza Claire is partial to Dora and Mickey Mouse. They have some generic ones that are usually the community pairs. Here is the gist of the conversation that followed

Me: Maybe you could wear a pair of Eliza Claire's BGPs

Eliza Claire: Ruby, You wear Elmos. I don't got no Elmos. I only got Doras and Mickeys

Ruby: I never weared any Doras!

Eliza Claire: You want to try dem?


And off they run to Eliza Claire's room to find Ruby some BGPs. Ruby actually tried a pair of Mickeys, so she still doesn't know if she likes Doras or not.

I thought this was the funniest exchange ever. I think the funniest part is it reminded me of being a kid and hearing the adults around me discuss why they smoked the brand cigarettes they smoked. Each person had a very specific reason and for the most part never varied from their brand. My kids are just as loyal to the character on their BGPs as I remember the adults being with their smokes.



Alicia said...

Too funny!

Forgot to tell you Ruby told me she had a cereal bar with ice cream for breakfast....cracks me up what kids say.

Jenn said...

I guess that is better than her telling you I yelled at her. Anytime I tell her something she doesn't want to hear she accuses me of yelling at her.

I'm sure she had a cereal bar, but not the ice cream, simply because I know she ate in the van this morning and ice cream would be too messy for the van ;)

Cici said...

Older generation also was very loyal to their cars. Daddy always had a problem with our parking anything other than a Chevrolet in his driveway.

As for me, bring me either a Winston or Salem when you come to "the home".