Monday, November 02, 2009

Good Mommy, Bad Mommy

Today it was a bit of both. I guess by the end of the day that evens out into Mediocre Mommy. Hmm. Not sure if I like that but it is better than just ending the day with Bad Mommy.

The Good
Eliza Claire was playing outside with Ruby. She came to the door all excited and trying to tell me something. I was busy. But I actually went over to find out what she was saying. She was point out the door saying, "look Mommy, it is fall!" I asked her what she saw that told her it was fall. She said it was the leaves changing color. I looked at the trees, all of which were still full of green leaves and said, "really which ones are changing?" "The ones on the ground, Mommy!" Then she ran back out to see what other signs of fall she could find.

Ruby came in a bit later with a leaf for me. I thanked her very much. She was very excited and I could see where this was going to go. She was going to be running in every two minutes with another leave or acorn or something for me. They were all going to be strewn all over the house and I was going to be grumpy. So I gave her a sandwich sized baggie and told her she could put anything she wanted me to see in the bag and then bring it all in when it was time to come inside. She loved this idea and quickly ran back out to start filling her bag. The bag did come back inside while I was cooking dinner. She started taking everything out of it. I told her it all had to stay inside the bag and then she disappeared. I wonder where she put the bag and what "treasures" I'm going to find in it when it is found.

The Bad
Rehm told me tonight that he was presenting his QUEST project tomorrow. He then proceeded to say that he was supposed to present today but it got rescheduled to tomorrow because he forgot to tell me about it. All the other kids' parents showed up and they all presented today. Rehm's QUEST teacher emailed last week that the class would be presenting their first projects today. I forgot to put it on the calendar and forgot to go! Ugh! I feel horrible. I did tell him that it was my fault that the teacher did tell me about it and that I forgot. I assured him that I would be there tomorrow. Now, I just have to remember...


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