Friday, November 06, 2009

Published Again

Once again Rehm's QUEST class has done a project where they each make a book. This is his third. Being a Bad Mommy, I actually missed his make-up presentation today. His dad was able to attend while I picked up the littles from preschool.

The cover of the book - If I Were a Light by Rehm. Make sure to note that this is an award winning book. It won Best QUEST Book of the Month! This was completely poetic license on the author's part.

If I Were a Light By: Rehm

If I were light I would be a light bulb that is extremely bright.

If I were a light I would be a light back pack that would not hurt my back.

If I were a light I would be a light blue room that would remind me of the sea.

My name is Rehm_____ and I was born on _______. I have three little sisters that drive me crazy! When I am not writing books I am playing DS. I am also the author of The Bandy Snatcher and Tiger and Bear.

Here is the link so you can read the Bandy Snatcher. Apparently I never blogged about Tiger and Bear. Guess I need to add that to my to do list.



Martha said...

Awesome! I am so impressed!

Cici said...

Congatulations on best book of the month!

friendsmiling said...

Rehm, Aunt Sherri thinks you are already a bright light!