Friday, May 13, 2011

Crazy but Useful Tip

A friend mentioned to me that she had read this tip and I filed it away for future use. I've tested it twice and it really does work. What is it? You can use hand sanitizer for deodorant.

I was skeptical but hurried thru a shower the other day and inadvertently left the house without deodorant I happened to visit a public restroom that had hand sanitizer and decided to give it a try. It totally worked. Hand sanitizer is definitely easier to locate in a pinch than the real stuff. Now if you ever end up in this predicament you'll know the quick fix.

Yeah, I know this is a random somewhat weird post but I'm all for sharing my secrets.

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MissyA said...

Not weird! We've done this from the foaming sanitizer I carry in my purse. Granted, it's a temporary fix if it's really hot and humid out. I don't even use deodorant--I use Burt's Bees hand salve, which smells nicely of lavender and patchouli-ish.
Keep the random-ness coming!