Sunday, May 01, 2011

Before and After

Rehm was long overdue for a hair cut. He couldn't decide what he wanted so we kept putting it off. After 24 hours camping in 90+ degree temps he was finally ready for a cut.



I kind of liked the shaggy look though it did need some shaping. His dad is thrilled with the new shorter traditional look. Rehm? He seems pretty indifferent. Doesn't seem to like or dislike it, even though it is what he asked for. I guess hair just isn't important to him.

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Renee CK said...

Holy cow. He did make a, uh, clean cut, didn't he? It will definitely be better in the hot weather. Sawyer is due for a cut but I like his shag. I'll show him this *after* his clip!


Brenna and Molly said...

I love his new look! Growing up it was a given that, on the last day of school, all the boys went to the barber's for "wiffles" which is what we called Rehm's type of cut. Facing a summer of Little League and beaches, it was the way to go. Bonus is they'd only need a shaping up when school started.

Deep down I was meant to have girls because I really really dislike long hair on boys. Past the ears and I say it calls for a bow! ;)