Sunday, May 08, 2011


This afternoon I took a nap. You notice I didn't say I enjoyed a nap or that the nap was a treat. It wasn't! First the lawnmower and weed eater were too loud. Then the kids kept coming in to ask me questions instead of asking their dad. But the icing on the cake: Rehm came in when his grandparents called. They wanted to know if we needed anything from the store for the dinner Michael was preparing. "Well son, that's a question for your Dad, ask him," I responded.

Rehm: He's not here.

Me: Where is he?

Rehm: At the store.

Me: So do you think he needs Grandma and Grandpa to get anything from the store?

Rehm: Oh, yeah, probably not.

Seriously, he had to wake me up for that one?!

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