Saturday, May 07, 2011

The Tooth Fairy Is Too Busy

Charlotte lost her third tooth yesterday at school. He top two teeth are loose and so is another on the bottom. I'm afraid they are all going to fall out at once and Charlotte is going to be on a soft food diet.

Charlotte dutifully put her tooth under her pillow last night but the silly ol' tooth fairy didn't come! I told Charlotte a lot of kids must have lost teeth yesterday and she was running behind. Charlotte is not very happy with the tooth fairy today. She better show up tonight.
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Emily said...

I found your blog on my quest for tooth fairy ideas- love it! And don't worry about forgetting; I'm sure it happens a lot! Good cover, by the way. :) My 3 yr old is having an injured tooth pulled next week and I'm not ready for my premature tooth fairy duties. I found this Mom's Guide to be super helpful as we've dealt with our dental drama the last few months: I appreciated your post. I'm sure I will forget too, one day! Cheers!