Friday, December 16, 2011

Dog Fostering

I can't believe I haven't blogged about this already, but looking back over the last few months it seems I have not.

In early October we decided to help out Houston Collie Rescue by taking in a foster dog.  Baron our loveable three year old, smooth coat, tri-colored collie came from HCR.

Our Howdy passed away in June.  It was obvious that Baron would like a playmate but we really were not ready to commit to having a second dog.  So when the opportunity to foster arose it seemed like the perfect solution.  We provide the dog with a home, love, food and exercise until its forever home is found.  In return, Baron gets a playmate and we all get the satisfaction of knowing we made a small difference.

Our first foster dog arrived on 10/8.  You can read all about Jana here.  She is a sweet, calm, loving eight year old collie mix.  She is currently going through heartworm treatment.  She spent the first eight years outside but has quickly adapted to inside living and honestly doesn't like to be outside any longer than it takes to do her business.

Jana loves belly rubs and will roll over when you walk by to make sure you give her a nice belly pat.  She likes to hang out near her people and when she wants more attention is happy to come over and nudge a hand to let you know.  When she comes in from the yard or we come home, if we don't immediately give her a pat she does a cute little howl to make sure you haven't forgotten about her.  When she does this we say, "Jana in the hooouuuusseee!" and she howls back a few times.  It is very cute and endearing.

Tomorrow, Jana will be going to a new foster home here in Austin.  I am excited for her and sad all at the same time.  We knew when she came to our house that we would not be her forever family and that at some point she would leave us.  But, she has been part of the family for two months and we have and do love her like our own.

I've talked to her new foster mom and know she is going to a great place where she is going to continue to get lots of love and care.  I know this is a good move for her but we are all going to miss her.  My hope is that she will soon be completely healthy and will find her forever home.

So are we done fostering?  Nope.  Tomorrow morning, after Jana's new foster mom picks her up, I'm headed to Houston to pick up our new foster dog.  Her name is Pearl.  She is a special needs girl who is deaf.  She is a double-dilute, smooth coat collie.  She has been in rescue since this summer.  I think she and Baron are going to have a lot of fun together.  She is younger and much more spirited than any dog we've had in a long time.  It should keep thinks interesting around here, because you know it is so quite and boring in my house...
Courtesy of Houston Collie Rescue
Courtesy of Houston Collie Rescue
These pictures are from when Pearl first came to rescue.  She is significantly bigger now.  


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