Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stressed Out about Christmas

Oh my goodness!  It has been a couple of crazy weeks and I am so behind on getting ready for Christmas.  I got nothing done prior to Thanksgiving because I was focused on getting ready for our Disney World trip.  And then we came back from Disney and the first week I was focused on recovering and unpacking from our Disney World trip. 

This past week was crazy.  Five out of the six of us ended up on antibiotics mostly for strep throat.  Plus I got to have my first experience visiting a Chiropractor.  I managed to pinch a nerve in my neck during our Disney trip, from carrying a backpack.  It is so annoying.  Luckily, the Chiropractor does seem to be giving me some relief though it is by no means better. 

I got the lovely experience this week of having the school nurse call me to pick up a child for strep throat symptoms while standing in the parking lot of the doctor's office with a different child who had just been diagnosed with strep.  Yep, it has been that kind of week.  Luckily, my fabulous pediatrician was nice enough to write a prescription for the other child without making me bring her in.

I started this week with no Christmas shopping done whatsoever.  I think I have finished all of it but teacher gifts at this point.  But my house is a disaster and nowhere near ready for Christmas company.  Nor are any cookies or other goodies baked.  This week looks to be as crazy as the last few, though hopefully without the illness, so I'm just not sure what will get done and what won't. 

I've decided that it may not be "perfectly, perfect" this year (anyone know the literary reference?) but it will be good enough.  The important thing is making memories with my family no matter how not-perfect they are.


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Phyllis said...

I have decided that, with most things, good enough is good enough!