Monday, May 07, 2012


The last few weeks I've been feeling crafty. This is my latest project.

When my mom was visiting in January, I fell in love with a piece of fabric at a quilt shop and insisted we buy a yard to do something in Ruby's room.

My mom took it home with her. She sent me back two throw pillows made completely out of the fabric and a wall hanging that used the rest. The corduroy brown fabric with flowers was the piece I insisted we buy.

The only problem was the wall hanging was small and my rod to hang it on was very long, as I usually hang much larger quilts there. I needed to find some way to make the quilt look better on the rod.

Here is what I came up with. I was lazy and used glue dots to secure the loops on the ribbon. It is not holding so I will need to stitch the ribbon or find a different glue. I'm thinking hot glue will do the trick. And I'm still debating trimming the ribbons a bit at the bottom.

Ruby loves the new addition to her room and one day when it is actually clean I'll take pictures of the entire room do you can see how well this goes with the rest of the room.

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