Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballpark

I had to run to the craft store this morning to grab adhesive so the kids can finish their independent study projects. I got side tracked and walked out $77 later with supplies to do a couple of craft projects I wanted to try.

Project Number 1 is now complete. I got the idea from
here and here. Yes, it is all Pinterest's fault.

I used a wire wreath, one softball, a whole bunch of baseballs, a ton of hot glue and some ribbon. I found all the balls in my garage. I was disappointed to only find one softball and no yellow softballs. I knew if I waited until I located different softballs I'd never get the project done. So I went ahead with what I had.

Here is the finished product.

So do you like it better with or without the hat?

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Phyllis said...

With, I think.