Monday, May 14, 2012

Rehm's Independent Study Project

Rehm did his project on the stock market. He was very excited about his topic. He even interviewed an expert via email as part of the project. As usual he did a great job getting up in fro t of everyone to speak.

He had no help with his project from his parents. He did it all himself. He did get it done a bit sooner than previous years but ran into some familiar obstacles. Time management and staying in task being the biggest. Two weeks into the project I asked how it was going. He informed me he had "found some great note taking web sites!" He came up several great ideas for work product, but never implemented them. Rehm is definitely an idea man but unfortunately not great on follow through.

He is so amazing speaking in front of groups. For his 15 minute presentation, he had a very simple single page outline. He stayed on topic and moved from point to point well. In fact his teacher finally had to tell him his time was up. He would have kept talking all day long if she would have let him.

Overall his project was fine. I would just like to see one that showed his best effort because it would be amazing.

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