Sunday, May 06, 2012

Moving Out

My oldest daughter has decided that she does not like living with me. Apparently, I am horribly mean and impossible to live with. So she's moving out.

Earlier today, I told her I would take her to her friend's softball game as soon as she finished cleaning her room. She came back a few minutes later to yell at me, "You are completely and totally to blame if I miss her game." She punctuated by a foot stomp.

I reminded her that I had not been in her room and thus could not be responsible for any mess that might be in there. Not so politely, I informed her that she would need to talk to me a bit differently if she expected to have any privileges including attending the game once her room was clean.

She did finally get her room clean but then decided she didn't want to go to the ball field after all. What she really wanted to do is play dress up with her Sunday dresses. I told her "no" as the last few times they did this every dress the girls owned ended up in a heap in the bottom of a closet and no one would clean up.

I have told her and her sisters that to have the privilege to play dress up they have to prove that they can consistently clean up after themselves. Since this is not happening(major understatement), there is no dress up.

She thinks I am horrible and unreasonable because her room was cleaned an hour ago, before she changed her mind about going to the game. In her world she should now have any and all privileges she can dream up. She has already forgotten the drama that went along with cleaning her room and is completely missing the "show me you can clean up after yourself point."

So she has decided she should move out. Move to somewhere she is more appreciated. I have wished her well and offered her room to one of her sisters. Now that they are no longer hysterical that she may really leave, Ruby has called dibs on her room.

I wonder if I'll have to follow her around the block before she comes to her senses?

Ah, there's never a dull moment when you are a horribly mean mommy.
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