Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Confessions of Tsumommy

My Mother-In-Law gave me this comic strip about a year ago.  I promptly hung it on my refrigerator.  It is still there today.

Since seeing the comic strip I have taken Tsumommy on as one of my many nicknames.  I've even asked to have it put on a personalized license plate on my van.  My dear husband assures me there are better uses of our money than to have a personalize license plate.  Maybe a bumper sticker or some kind of window decal with a wave and a Tsumommy Warning.  Oh, I know, the Tsunami warning sign with a wave with a mom head and kids running screaming away.


I did notice that there is a book out called Tsumommy:  Riding the wave of Motherhood when I was on Google trying to find the  Baby Blues comic strip.  I haven't read it but think I might have to at some point.  It came out prior to the Baby Blues comic strip so I guess I need to give it credit for the term.

Today has been a major TsuMommy kind of day.  The kids are out of school for three consecutive teacher work days and they are driving me crazy.  They are whiny and bickering and messy.
This morning they were going to play Wii but could not get any remote controls to work.  When I went to investigate I found a huge mess of poorly taken care of components and games and I was TsuMommy.

I'm so over them not taking care of their stuff.  I'm very close to packing up all the games, controllers and console and selling it all.  Of course when something doesn't work they have no clue why that might be the case.  Even when telling me about it they are standing on a Wiimote!

The solution today is they all lost electronic privileges.  And if any Wiimotes or other components need to be purchased it will be from their collective allowance.  I am not spending more money on this for them to continue to throw it on the floor and walk over it.

Yep, TsuMommy is in the house today!  It's a shame, as I really don't like her. 

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