Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Respectful Evangelism

Today three very polite LDS missionaries knocked on my door. I don't typically answer the door during the day. When I saw who it was I hurriedly said, "I don't have time for this today!" and quickly closed the door.

One of them yelled after me, "Is there anything we can help you do?"

I thanked them and told them no. Again, yelling as I walked away from the door.

I really did not have time today to talk with them as I was getting ready to leave to go grocery shopping.

Honestly,I don't like people knocking on my door, if I don't know them, for any reason and have never liked this method of evangelism. I personally don't find it effective. But that is just my introverted opinion.

But, the sincere offer for help when it was obvious I was in a hurry has truly stuck with me today. I honestly think if I had said they could have helped, they really would have done whatever task I needed done. That was a much more meaningful form of evangelism than anything they could have told me about their denomination's specific beliefs.

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