Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Love You the Most

I promise this is the last post on the kids 14 Days of Valentine's.

Honestly, when I saw this idea I thought it was cute but too much work. I wasn't going to do it. Over lunch, at the end of January, my friend Dianne said she was going to do it and urged me to give it a go myself.

I'm so glad I listened to her! My kids have absolutely loved it. They are very excited each day to see what I write. If I'm behind on getting them done, they remind me. The girls love to compare each other's each day, which definitely keeps it challenging for me.

I'm traveling this week. One of the girls' biggest concerns about me being gone was who would do their valentines.

When I told Ruby it was going to be Daddy she was not very confident in his ability. She inquired if I had taught him how to do them. I assured her I had. Actually, I did them for him. All he has to do is tape them on their doors. I think he is up to that challenge. And, he has plenty of other things to keep him busy while I'm gone.

A couple of days ago I decided to basically tell each child they were my favorite. That day they received the following:

Ruby: I love you the most

Eliza Claire: I love you the best

Charlotte: I love you the highest

Rehm: I love you the greatest

That night Ruby asked, "Do you really love me the most?"

I replied, "Yes! I love you the most. And, I love Eliza Claire the best. And, I love Charlotte the highest. And, I love Rehm the greatest."

"But, you love me the most, Mommy?" She insisted.

"Yes, Ruby, I most certainly do!"

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