Friday, March 16, 2012


Phineas has been acting a bit psychotic today. It is very reminiscent of his Psychotic Break of 2011. Did I blog about that? I don't remember.
Basically for PB2011, which started on Rehm's 10th birthday, he and Isabella had a fight. He ended up soaked in urine. I assumed he was having bladder problems and attempted to rush him to the vet. He was having no part in it. It took me an hour to wrestle him into the carrier. I'm still emotionally scarred from the process. The vet agreed it was probably bladder related. They kept him overnight. They found nothing wrong and sent him home. For six weeks he refused to come out of our bedroom and refused to have Isabella in the room. He would growl if she even got too close to the door. Then magically he was his normal happy self.
Today, my house smells like cat urine, lovely, I know. My cat is hiding, growling and hissing at the other animals but will purr and let me pet him. I caught him peeing on the carpet, but could tell it wasn't a pleasant process for him. He definitely has some kind of bladder issues. I'm not looking forward to getting him to the vet in the morning.
Part of me is very relieved to know that he does not become psychotic every March. The other part is annoyed that he is prone to bladder problems.
Unfortunately, or maybe it is fortunately, I know what caused the bladder problems both years. He got accidentally locked in a closet, several days before each episode, both years. Last year for approximately 48 hours. This year it was only 24.
I guess we will have to be more cautious about where he is when we leave home. You would think he would stop sneaking into the closet...
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