Thursday, March 08, 2012

Pinewood Derby: Angry Birds

Apparently I never got around to posting pictures of Rehm's Pinewood Derby car for this year.  He went with an Angry Birds theme this year.  I always love the ideas he comes up with for his cars each year.  I can't believe this was our last Pinewood Derby.

I've always had a love/hate relationship with the Pinewood Derby.  It always seemed like there was some new tool we had to purchase to make the car or something.  It just always seemed to be a commotion.

I do have to say this was by far the easiest and cheapest car he has done. And I think stylistically it is my all time favorite.

Surprisingly it won third fastest car in the pack.


Phyllis said...

Great pictures..I really lovethe last one.

Maxwell said...

VERY NICE! Your son is very creative! My 3 year old loves angry birds and we are trying to make .one for our
Awana Grand Prix this year. Can I ask you what you used to make the eyes?

Jenn said...

We used the Crayola model magic, I think. After the balls of clay dried he painted them white and then added black paint to finish them. Any self hardening clay would work. This is just what we happened to have on hand. Good luck with your car.