Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Staring at the ceiling in the chiropractor's office while getting treatment on my neck. I'm bored and thought blogging might make the time go quicker.

Hmm, but what to write about. I'm going to go look at photos and see if anything sparks a topic.

Oh, this does. Do you know how thrilled it makes me to see Charlotte enjoying reading a chapter book independently? It is so huge for any child to find books that make them want to read. But I'm really overjoyed for Charlotte. She has worked really hard to get here. Her favorite chapter books right now are the Rainbow Fairies and Cam Jansen.

Laundry update. This is a typical view of Charlotte's clean laundry. Yes it drives me crazy. I'm learning to just close her door and not look.

This picture is from last week, I think. Poor Eliza Claire took quite a tumble on her scooter. Her poor loo was huge and ugly. Her gums were bruised and she had scrapes on her forehead, elbow and hip. She is all recovered now.

Table just turned off guess that means I should quit writing.


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Phyllis said...

I see a picture of each of my girls...will leave it at that.