Friday, March 09, 2012

Crossing Over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts

My boy is growing up.  This is such a big year for him.  Crossing over to Boy Scouts is just the first step in many things to come. 

All the pictures below are from the Arrow of Light Ceremony. It is a very neat ceremony.  The Arrow of Light award and their religious award are the only things they earned as Cub Scouts that they can wear on their Boy Scout uniforms. 

They cut their ties to the cub scouts (cut the rope they are carrying). I had to laugh at this point Ruby looks at them walking up holding the rope and says, "They look like they are in preschool!"  Michael and I both cracked up.  It was just what we needed and she was right, it did look similar to a group of preschoolers practicing walking in line with their rope to hold on to.
They said the Boy Scout Pledge
They were judged to see if they were worthy.  If so they were presented their arrow of light.  The arrow is something the parents prepare.  It has colored thread the entire length of the shaft that chronicles their entire Cub Scout experience.  It was a huge pain to make.  But it was worth it to see his face when he received it.

I officially have a Boy Scout!  Wow.  And I have to take this opportunity to say I was not gung hoe about scouting when we started.  It seemed like just another busy activity.  I was wrong.  It has been a great experience for Rehm.  He learns so much with scouting and has gained many useful skills.  I am excited about him continuing into Boy Scouts and continuing to grow and learn. 


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Phyllis said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures, wish we could have been there.

So proud of "the boy"!