Saturday, March 24, 2012

First Boy Scout Campout

Rehm is currently on his first boy scout campout. Michael went with him at Rehm's request. I think he was a bit nervous about this first campout.

Given that boy scouts is much more scout driven than parent driven I was a bit put out that Michael was basically getting a weekend off, in the name of camping with Rehm, while I ran the three girls to all of their activities. Yeah, I know it was a bit selfish of me.

It turns out it was a good thing Michael went along. Rehm ended up at minor emergency getting stitches this afternoon.

From what Rehm tells me, the fell going down a steep creek embankment and split his lip on something, probably a rock. There was blood everywhere. The scouts did a good job handling the situation and getting him back to the adult in charge of medical needs.

Post stitches he sounded good and was looking forward to getting back out to the campsite. Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be less eventful.

Here is the text conversation between Michael and I while they were at minor emergency and I had the three girls and two cats at the vet for the cats' long overdue yearly check-up.

Here are bigger versions of the pictures.

Did you notice I'm a wimp? I could look at the before picture just fine after I had seen the after and knew he was OK. Otherwise I would have had a really hard time seeing it.

Oh, I asked about his hands being in his pockets because Michael is constantly reminding him that it is unsafe to walk with your hands in your pockets due to the potential for injuries if you fall. I'll have to remember to ask Rehm about it since Michael didn't have an answer.

I have to say everything I hear about the incident gives me more peace of mind about sending him off camping again. It sounds like the scout handled it all very well.

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Jill said...

Glad everyone survived (including you and Michael).