Friday, March 28, 2014

A Teenager in the House!

It's kind of weird to realize we have reached this milestone. Though, when I look at the kid, it seems like we passed this milestone a while ago.

Rehm at thirteen:

He loves Minecraft and SimCity.

He wants to be president and run in 2048. Prior to being president, he is going to get an undergrad degree in Political Science then a MBA. He is going to start a company with his friend Jack. Then he is going to run for state legislature before moving on to the national scene. After retiring from president, he plans to be a high school teacher or college professor. He thinks he'll have good experience for teaching political science. Oh, he has told me I can be the ambassador to Australia or New Zealand.

He is five foot ten, as of a month ago. He's probably grown since then.

He has a girlfriend. This still weirds me out a bit. But I like her and it is providing a chance for many, many conversations on many important topics.

He's currently playing co-ed volleyball at the Y.

He asked for a disc golf set for his birthday and was thrilled when he got it.

He has taken over my aquarium, hallelujah! He has been working on getting it health and is deciding what fish he wants to add.

He plays bassoon in the school band. He helps out with the sixth grade double reed class during his lunch.

His favorite foods are pizza, pasta, and my potato soup, which he requested for his birthday dinner. He loves to cook pastas and bread.

He loves to sleep til noon. Though he does not get the chance often. He would be happy if every day was pajama day.

His room is a disaster.

He started shaving in the fall! That was kind of crazy for me. I wasn't expecting that at age 12. I thought that was a high school milestone.

He loves to watch Kahn Academy videos and history videos for fun.

He likes to pretend he is too old for Disney princess movies though he giggled his way through Frozen last weekend.

He is very responsible and enjoys school. He thinks teachers are the most awesome people ever.

He has his moments of totally middle school kid attitude. But, overall, he is an awesome kid. I'm so glad I get to be his mom.

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Phyllis said...

I love the picture you
"painted" of Rehm. I hate that I will be 105 by the time he runs for POTUS as I will probably not recognize him.

Am so proud of the young man that he is.

Thanks for posting the basket pictures. It is one of my favorites and I remember that day well.

I can't wait to see all the things that he does. Love you, Rehm!