Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Maybe We are a Little Too Busy

As soon as the girls got home from school I had to go to the middle school to see Rehm present his independent study project. I came home and started dinner. Rehm calls to say he's done with theater early and needs to be picked up. I go pick him up.

We had a home cooked dinner as a family before heading out to all of our activities. Tonight's activities were a softball game, volley practice, and a Boy Scout meeting. Rehm had a ride to scouts. Michael was coaching softball thus making sure Eliza Claire had a ride. I was taking Charlotte to volleyball. Ruby would tag along somewhere.

I was thrilled that I would be able to see most of Eliza Claire's game before taking Charlotte. So far this season I had only seen a single inning of a single game.. The game was great. The dolphins lost but Eliza Claire had a great game. She is settling in well playing first base and her hitting is good.

Charlotte and I left to go to her practice early enough that, not only were we on time, we were a few minutes early. We go in. I'm feeling proud of myself for having it all together. I sit down next to a friend and she asks me of everything is ok? I assure her it is and we start chatting. Not even five minutes later, the girls come up and say "let's go!" And then it dawns on me. Practice started at 6:00, not 7:00!

Yep, I showed up extremely late and completely clueless. Ugh! Charlotte was not happy with me. Hopefully next week I get the time right.

And for those of you concerned about Ruby and her uncertain plans this evening, she did manage to not get lost in the shuffle. Though I was a bit concerned as she decided not to go with me to volleyball and was at the playground at the ball field when I left there. I was afraid Michael wouldn't remember to bring her home. Grandma was at the game so she made sure Ruby wasn't forgotten.

Three nights each week are equally crazy. Here's hoping I have everything on the calendar and at the correct times going forward.


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