Monday, March 31, 2014

The Joke's on Me!

Ugh, ugh, ugh! Remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had finally ordered Christmas cards? Have you noticed that yours still hasn't arrived? Don't worry, it's not because you weren't on the list this year. It's because I still don't have the blasted things!

I ordered them from Sam's Club this year instead of online so that I would get them in a few days instead of a few weeks. Funny, isn't it? I originally went to pick them up on 3/20. When I got there, it was explained that online orders are all processed in Georgia. No where on the website did it tell me they were not processed in the store! And, my order status changed to "Pick up in Store" on Thursday. To me that means they are ready to be picked up in the store. But, no, it doesn't mean that at all. Apparently, I'm supposed to have some magic psychic ability to read the Sam's Club website's mind and know that it means no such thing.

The lady informed me they would call when they were ready. That is what they always do because they never know when they will arrive. Again, how was I supposed to know that? Again, she had no answers and seemed completely unaware of what was or was not explained on the website.

Today I realized they still had not called. I called and asked if they were in and was told they were. Great, my April Fool's cards would be a few days late but still close. I drive 20 minutes to go get them and spend another couple of dollars in tolls. I ask for my photos and the guy pulls put a package for Israel Mayen. Um, that's not me and I spelled my name for you! Hey Israel, if you happen to randomly be reading my blog, your photos are ready to be picked up, mine however are not.

The guy today was very polite and could understand why I would be frustrated but he had absolutely no idea when my photos would be there. He offered to get me a manager. If my photos are in photo processing hell in Georgia, the manager in Texas isn't going to do me a bit of good. The photo guy suggested I call the number on the website. I informed him the only number I had found so far was for the photo department of his store. Guess what, it isn't even a working number! It gives you an error message. It just keeps getting better.

Long story longer, I still managed to spend way too much money before leaving the store and I still don't have a Christmas card to send to anyone. I will be hunting down the number for online orders and calling them at some point today. Hopefully I'll get some answers and have cards to send soon.

If you haven't received a card in a week or two, it's not my fault, it's Sam's!

Learn from my mistake, don't order photos online from Sam's. They get held ransom in the Georgia photo processing Bermuda Triangle!


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Shelly said...

Be sure to call them and demand a refund since they've put you through this. They didn't deliver their product in the time specified in their online agreement.