Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break

This year we were blessed to go on another adventure with the Weatherbys.  This is our third year to spend spring break with their family.  Everyone gets along so well, it makes for great trips no matter where we go.

Due to the generosity of a family from church we ended up on a ranch in Alpine, Texas.  For those of you know familiar with Texas geography, Alpine is in West Texas.  It is a small, quirky town complete with a university (Sol Ross State).  Rehm was adamant that there was know way there was a university there as it was too small and in the middle of nowhere.

Alpine is in the distance between the two mountains

While we were there we hiked on the ranch, feed the ranch horses, went to Big Bend and Teralingua, went to the McDonald Observatory, went to Marfa, went to Alpine, played games, read books, had a church service, watched javelina search for food, washed dishes by hand, cooked, had picnics, relaxed and had a great time.

Animals we saw included, dear, javelina, jack rabbits, rabbits, road runners, wild turkeys, raccons, horses, cows, and Odie and Paris, the ranch dogs.  It feels like I'm forgetting some, but that's the best I can do.

Here are pictures from SMC (Sunday Morning Church).  This is a tradition our kids came up with completely on their own and always a highlight of our spring break trip.  Each year it seems to have a new addition to the service.  New this year was a baptism (of American Girl dolls, and everyone else remembering their baptism), a bulletin, and a time of confession. 

The Bulletin - each one was hand printed

Charlie giving part of his sermon

Eliza Claire reading scripture

Ruby and Kennedy walking their girls through the congregation to introduce them while we sang Jesus Loves Me.

More to come about the rest of spring break later. 

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