Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Day 15 of 30 Days of Mayhem: New York City to Washington DC via Philadelphia

Today was mostly a travel day.  We left Staten Island around 11:00 am, which was our estimated departure time.  Score one for the Maniacs!

Ruby made this sign up list for doing stuff in NYC and taped it up.  

New Jersey coming out of NYC - Not very pretty

Our destination for the day is the suburbs of DC where we will be staying with Michael's cousin Jennifer and her family.  I always feel bad when my family is going to visit another family.  I think, they can't really know what they have agreed to and they are going to regret saying yes to having us visit.

We decided to stop in Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell on our way.  It seemed fitting after seeing the Statue of Liberty and with heading to DC for several days.

Driving into Philly
We sat in the parking garage and had lunch.  It was a yummy pasta salad with mini pepperoni, cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.  It would have had sun dried tomatoes but our little grocery store on Staten Island didn't have them.

The museum at the Liberty Bell was not huge but the kids had fun and honestly we were not trying to spend a lot of time in Philly.

Rehm's answer to the above question is on the blue post it 

Uncracked side of the bell. 

Did you know that the big crack came from trying to repair the smaller crack.

Playing dress up at the Liberty Bell Museum

The kids talked us into buying swizzle sticks.  Michael  commented on me sitting with the stick in my mouth this way.  I decided I should share a picture.
On the way out of Philly we stopped and bought two cheesesteaks to compare. Philly likes to put "whiz" on their cheese steaks instead of sliced cheese.  Michael dropped us off.  Charlotte went to Pat's and I crossed the street to Geno's.  We passed them both around the van and let everyone have some of both to see which they liked better.  Charlotte did not get onions on the Pat's one so it was not a completely fair comparison.  I think most of us liked Geno's but I think Ruby was a Pat's girl.  That is not surprising since she does not like onions.  When I passed back the Geno's one I warned Rehm it had onions on it.  He was thrilled.  He said, "sauteed onions make everything better!"  Who is this child? And what did he do with my super picky eater?  Oh, and he liked cheese steak!  He doesn't like red meat and he thought it was awesome and was arguing to make sure he got his share.

The kids slept or watched DVDs through the rest of the trip.  I think they completely missed Delaware and Massachusetts.

Ruby needing a little alone time
Chesapeake Bay

Off to Quilt Bee with Mom, will get back to blogging tonight.

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