Friday, July 08, 2016

I Don't Know What to Say or How to Help

Y'all I am just sick and heartbroken at what is going on in our country.  I do not understand.  It is not OK that African American men keep getting killed by police officers.  Its not OK that minorities are stopped more and treated differently during those stops.  Its not OK that when charged with the same crimes that minorities get stiffer sentences.  It is not OK!  Its not!  What do we do?  What do I do as a white woman raising white children?  How can I be part of the solution, not part of the problem?

My heart is heavy and it hurts.  I have tried to raise my children to know that everyone is equal, that race, skin color, sexual orientation do not matter or change a person in any way. But it is not enough.  It was a start, but it is not enough. So I'm reaching out, I'm asking the question.  How do we do better?  How do we make change?  How do we stop the violence?  How can we all come together and help each other?


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