Saturday, July 16, 2016

Day 30 of 30 Days of Mayhem: Trip Home

First and foremost, the math geeks didn't count their days properly and technically there will be 31 Days of Mayhem since we don't arrive home until tomorrow.  I can already tell you which of my friends and family will have something to say about the miscount.  I'm not sure how much I count today and tomorrow as they are just straight up travel days with no sight seeing.  But they count as you have to have them to get home.  At least one of of my kids has wished that we had a teleporter to get us home as the two full days of driving are not anyone's favorite.  At least they are at the end of the trip and were preceded by a week at the beach.  It makes it easier to stomach.

Yesterday's activities

We are going home in two cars instead of one.  Mom purchased a new car.  She's talked about it for a while.  I didn't think she was actually going to do it.  I thought she would talk about it a while longer but she did.  It is a cute cross over that she has named Ruby as it is red.  So we are now the proud owners of a 2001 (?) PT Cruiser.  Of course, that means getting the Cruiser to Texas, which means two drivers, which means Michael was not the only one with a long day of driving today. We split into a boy car and girl car today.

It was amazing how much less drama there was with everyone having more room in the car.  Eliza Claire took the back row, Ruby the middle, and Charlotte rode shotgun.  I expected Charlotte to get bored at some point.  She did nap for a couple of hours, I think through South Carolina, otherwise she did a great job of keeping me company and getting things when needed.  She got very tired of my constant requests for chapstick, or lip balm as Ruby calls it.  I'm pretty sure my lips are sunburned.  They hurt!  I was applying chapstick at least every 30 minutes, when Charlotte was awake.

Today's activities

We listened to the entire Hamilton soundtrack.  I asked lots of questions.  Charlotte patiently answered all of them, even the ones I know I've asked before.  We also discussed George Washington at length as she is currently reading his almost 1000 page biography!  We talked about some of the inappropriate lyrics and topics in Hamilton (cuss words, affairs).  We did a bit of a retrospective of 30 Days of Mayhem.

Some of the questions asked:

  1. What was your favorite place we visited?
  2. What was your least favorite place?
  3. What is something unexpected you liked about the trip?
  4. What was your favorite thing about the trip?
  5. What is something you learned about yourself on the trip?
  6. Would you want to do a trip like this again?
  7. If, so where would you want to go next time?
I want to get all six of us to answer these questions and probably a few more before I share the answers.  Hopefully that will happen sometime this coming week.

I was dreading the drive today but it really was not bad.  Here's hoping tomorrow goes as smoothly as today.  

States visited so far:  19, I think.  Even with the map out I'm not sure I've counted right.

I'm off to get some sleep before our 11+ hour drive tomorrow.  Here's hoping we get a nice early start. 
Jenn - AKA Reveille Driver

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