Monday, July 25, 2016

Movie Day with the Kids

Today I took the kiddos to see Finding Dori.  We don't have Charlotte with us this week.  She is at the beach with friends of ours, helping out with their daughter.  I know she is having a blast.  I'm starting to miss her.  I felt a bit guilty for going to see the movie without her.  Then I realized she was at the beach without us and got over my guilt.

All four of us loved the movie.  It was especially awesome to watch my oldest enjoy the movie.  He likes to act like he is too old for things like Disney/Pixar movies these days but he laughed his way through the whole movie.

I remember taking him to see Finding Nemo.  I'm thinking it was his first Disney movie in the theater. I was very pregnant with Charlotte at the time.  Michael and I both accompanied him to see it.  I was in that stage where I was feeling very guilty about impending arrival of his sibling (we did not know her gender at that point - we wanted to be surprised).  I was realizing how many things were not going to revolve around my cute, chubby, blond, blue-eyed baby boy.  He was so excited about the baby in Mommy's tummy and blissfully unaware.  He loved the movie.  He has always loved everything about the ocean.  When it was over we went directly to the Disney store and bought him a Finding Nemo lunch box and matching back pack for preschool.  I don' t think they were even on sale yet!  Yep!  Total guilt.  It made me feel a tiny bit better about rocking his world.

Today, we did not buy him or even his sisters Finding Dori school supplies, but we did enjoy the movie and I loved the memories that came with it.

I was just looking for some pictures of toddler Rehm to add to the post.  My Winkflash account is completely and totally empty!  I have all of the pictures on a thumb drive somewhere and maybe a external harddrive but Winkflash wasn't supposed to delete photos and they did.  Ugh!  Oh well.  I guess toddler Rehm pictures will have to wait.  And I guess that means when I get them uploaded again I need to print them somewhere to be on the safe side.  You know, I really needed another thing to add to my to do list.  Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!  For the time being you'll just have to believe me that he was really cute.


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Phyllis said...

I went to see that with someone. If it was that long ago, and I wasn't with you guys, must have been Zachary. Sorry we did not get to see picture of chubby, cute Rehm.